Yoga Pod Littleton Owners – Asana Bhakti Jhana ABJ3

Robert & StaceyAsana Bhakti Jhana Ancient Practice Cubed Inc. Is the umbrella under which Robert Kehr and Stacey Goddard own Yoga Pod Littleton.

Bob and Stacey are honored to be a part of the Yoga Pod family and are building the Littleton studio within Southwest Plaza.  We are dedicated to embodying  the Yoga Pod values of community, authenticity, diversity, excellence, abundance, love and fun.  It is our intention and our sincere desire to provide the support for your practice in a space of sanctuary, steeped in a vibration of empowerment.  May you find your second home for your yoga practice here within a judgment free, kindred community of yogis, yoginis and master teachers.  We will offer a clean, peaceful, efficient and neutral space to support you to reach and maintain your best physical health and to find that deep place of stillness inside yourself that nourishes peace of heart.  May you find that eternal river of connection and reverence so that all that you encounter on your path is reflected through the looking glass of Love and optimal wellness.

Yoga, fitness and wellness of body, mind and spirit are deeply shared passions and have been an integral part of Bob and Stacey’s life paths.  Bob is an extreme sportsman and has spent a lifetime in service to others both utilizing his advanced engineering degrees within the Intelligence Community and defense industry for several large private companies and with over two decades as a United States Air Force officer in Special Operations contributing to the Aeronautical Systems Division.  He ended his military service with high accolades after overseeing the building of the advanced Electro-optical system facility for the Maui Space Surveillance Site.  Bob was forced to retire from his leadership role at Raytheon when he suffered a massive stroke as a result of a mountain biking accident in 2013.

Stacey found yoga as a teenager and has rediscovered the multi-faceted benefits of a yogic path many times throughout all phases of life.  Asana (the postures) pranayama (the breath) bhakti (devotion to God) and jhana (meditation/connection through stillness, intuition and inquiry) have served as strong components to recovery from serious medical issues and as a grounding foundation for her to meet all the twists and turns that the Universe serves up to help us learn as souls in a body.  Stacey’s professional career path has been in strategic finance in both higher education and corporate settings, and her degree is in international business.

Please accept our invitation to join us at Yoga Pod Littleton.  Our prayer of intention is that we provide a yoga studio that feels like an oasis of peace and serenity where you are empowered to  learn and practice yoga and develop as a whole, healthy, vibrant being.  Whether you have never tried yoga or have a seasoned practice, whether you have significant challenges to your vessel as a result of a medical issue or a military disability or injury, all are welcome and will be unconditionally respected and supported.  Yoga is an ancient science.  We are living in very fast-paced and sometimes chaotic times.  In the midst of a beautifully redesigned and welcoming commercial center, we hope you find your second home for yoga at Yoga Pod Littleton.

Robert & Stacey
Asana Bhakti Jhana ABJ3

Ancient Practice Cubed Inc.

Yoga Pod Owners – Nicole & Gerry Wienholt

Gerry and NicoleWe’re excited that you’re getting to know a little bit about the Yoga Pod through our website. Our hope is that, through the pages of this site, you may glean at least a small sense of what we’re all about.

Our beautiful studios are designed to create an environment where excellent instruction and a transformational yoga experience will entice you to visit often, lingering before and after class to interact with our wonderful community of students and teachers.

We’re striving to redefine fitness with transformational yoga that celebrates diversity, promotes friendship, and builds a strong community. We offer classes to suit all levels – for beginning students and intermediate to advanced practitioners. We believe that there is no perfect body type and that sustained fitness comes from an understanding of how body, mind, & spirit work together to build connection, commitment, and community.

We truly feel that our yoga room is the canvas and our students and teachers are the color and the art that completes the masterpiece.

Everyone is welcome and we’d love to see you!

We hope you join our vibrant yoga community!

Nicole & Gerry

Our Mission

To create a vibrant yoga community, where each student can rejuvenate the body, refresh the mind, and replenish the spirit.

Our Vision

We offer quality, inspired yoga taught by remarkable, passionate teachers, in a peaceful and pristine environment, to ensure a transformative experience for all.

Our Values

Beliefs we hold in such high esteem, significantly affecting the way we speak, think, and act: Community, Authenticity, Diversity, Excellence, Abundance, Love, Fun!

Highly recommended!!!

Yoga Pod Littleton is a fantastic addition to the Southwest Denver area and so convenient in Southwest Plaza Mall. They have two heated yoga rooms plus an exclusive meditation sanctuary room. This brand new studio is elegantly designed and the employees are really welcoming, warm and upbeat. They have an extensive staff of highly experienced instructors and will be offering lots of great training programs and workshops. Highly recommended!!!